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You would need to contact sent Model electronic digital safe. Includes 2 interior shelves. Paragon ParaGuard Deluxe Safe. Compact and versatile, the Sentry Safe Fire Chest is popular worldwide.

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It has a convenient carrying handle and a privacy key lock with two keys included. Privacy key lock to keep unwanted viewers awa Material: Steel, Color: Gray.. Find peace of mind for your most important belongings, with a privacy key lock for added security and a carrying handle to safeguard your valuables on the go. Fireproof lock box features a flat key lo Find peace of mind for your most important belongings, with a privacy key lock for added security and a carrying handle to safeguard your valuables on the This book safe can be stealth in any book shelves and nobody will recognize it.

Extra keys included inside the booksafe. We know your value stuff need to be protection, and this is the one you must ha Portable lock box that looks like a book, great for hiding small valuables on a bookshelf. Black Executive Fire Safe, 4. Finally, there's price to consider. Small safes very widely in cost based on the level of protection offered. And while there's no reason to buy a safe that offers much more security than your situation merits, don't go for a cheaper option that might not be up to the task: If it's swiped, breached, or burned through, those pennies saved will lead to untold dollars lost, not to mention diamond rings, deeds, and your grandma's wedding pictures.

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If you have ever stayed in a hotel with a compact safe in the closet, you have seen a unit about the same size as the AmazonBasics 0. Thanks to the low cost of this line of safes, now you can enjoy the same level of security that hotel offered in your own bedroom, office, or anywhere else you need to keep valuables under lock and key.

Or, in this case, keypad. The safe is operated using an easily programmed numeric touch pad, though a backup key can open it as well. Inside the Security Safe, you'll find a shelf splitting the storage space into two sections, the bottom one being carpeted to protect against scratches.

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This design makes the safe ideal for a couple that shares it, or for keeping items separated and sorted. You could use the lower half for jewelry and watches, while the top shelf could hold cash, documents, or even a firearm.

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The AmazonBasics Security Safe comes with mounting hardware included, so you can easily bolt it to the floor, the wall, a shelf, or anywhere else you want to secure it. Just note that while rugged and durable and a great way to protect possessions against theft, this safe is not rated as waterproof or fireproof. With more than 2, reviews posted on Amazon, the safe has a four-star overall rating. An owner named Michael called it "worth every penny," saying the safe is "very sturdy for the price.

Pros: Great price, mounting hardware comes included, adjustable interior shelf. It's not a Fort Knox level security device. And in fact, a criminal with half a brain is just going to carry the thing away and crack it open later. If you need a place to keep some cash, passports, a few pieces of jewelry, and some irreplaceable mementos, this affordable lock box is a great choice. Which is why my wife and I keep one of these very safes tucked away in But while not amazingly strong, the key operated lock is certainly tough enough to deter a quick breaking attempt by a thief, and it will absolutely defeat the attempts of curious kids.

As the safe is small enough to be readily portable — it even has a handle — it can come along with you, serving to protect valuables in a car, in a hotel, or wherever else you want to keep things secure and safe from fire. One shopper reported the tragic loss of a home that "burnt to the ground" yet "all [his] legal documents inside [the safe] survived.

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Pros: Fire resistant, compact and easy to conceal or transport, easy to use key lock. A good safe keeps valuables protected because it's difficult to break open. A great safe keeps things, well, safe because it's not only hard to open, but hard to even locate in the first place.

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With a bit of effort or the assistance of a handyman , the Paragon Lock and Safe Flat Electronic Wall Safe can be installed your home or business, and it will lie nearly flush with the wall once in place. It can be covered with a framed picture or piece of artwork, a mirror, a sign, or anything else, really, and therefore avoid detection by anyone with ill intentions.

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Even once located, the unit still provides more protection than most compact safes simply because it can't be carried away unless the burglar has the time and tools to cut away a large section of the wall. Which probably won't be the case. The Paragon Lock and Safe Flat Electronic Wall Safe features a key pad that can be programmed with codes as short as three numbers or as long as eight, and the keys are lighted for easy use in the dark.

The safe requires four AA batteries to operate, and a low battery light tells you when it's time for new ones. It can also be opened with a key.

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  8. An owner named Dave calls it "perfect for hidden storage of papers, jewelry," and more, and noted that its size makes it perfect for installing "between studs" in the wall. A video review from GreatStuff called it a great way "to secure your valuables in a concealed location.

    Pros: Concealable, cannot be removed from premises, features three shelves. But when it keeps your valuables safe during a fire that rages on for more than two hours, it will have paid for itself many times over. And when a burglar is unable to open the solid steel door or to carry of the pound safe, same story. This is a great example of getting what you pay for, which in this case is great quality.

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